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Look for the State logo

When you choose South Australian produce, products and services, you’re not just getting great quality, you’re supporting local people. You’re keeping money in our state. You’re even reducing environmental impacts, with less freight and higher production standards.

Our Buy SA. For SA. campaign showcases all the things we know and love about South Australia, from our best kept secrets, like Goolwa PipiCo, to our iconic treats that are shipped far and wide to expats everywhere. We are celebrating the things that make our State so special, while encouraging local support so we can continue to enjoy them in the years to come. So when you’re out and about, look for the State logo, and buy SA, for SA.

Why buy SA?

Supporting local business is good for you, good for our community and good for our State.

When you buy local you:

Get great quality

SA is known for its incredible produce. From quality wine, fresh seafood, and produce grown in our clean green environment, through to products made to the highest production standards. You know you’re getting the good stuff.

Support families and communities

In SA, buying local is personal. Our connected community means you don’t just support a local business, but someone you know, who employs someone you know, or who contributes to your local community.

Enjoy the icons. And create them

From Haigh's to Beerenberg, Coopers or Vili's, SA has some iconic products we have grown up with. And no doubt, local support helped them become household names. By supporting local brands, you might just be creating the next generation of famous favourites.

Improve the planet

Choosing local and eating what’s in season means you get produce that’s travelled less, reduced freight and carbon emissions.

How to Buy SA

If you’re looking to Buy SA. For SA. there are multiple ways to make an impact:


Look for South Australian brands. When shopping, look for the State logo on products or the Buy SA. For SA. tickets on the shelf.

These indicate that the product is SA made or owned. You’ll find this branding in all major retailers.


Choose South Australian-owned stores, such as:
Tony & Marks
and local independent grocers.


Support South Australian small businesses such as local bakeries, butchers, pubs, and gift shops.

Meet some locals

To hear more about SA brands and people, check out the latest news here.

For businesses

Amplify the message

We encourage all South Australian businesses who currently use the State Brand to amplify the campaign message across your own website and social media channels.

Also available is a Style Guide, with clear rules and guidelines for internal design teams to create assets that complement the in-market campaign.

Download Campaign Assets

Buy SA For SA Logo

Apply to use the State logo

Not yet registered to use the state brand? Apply here to ensure that proud South Australians can identify your business, product or service as a local.

Apply here.

Display merchandise

Shop our online store for merchandise and POS to help promote that you are South Australian.

Shop our online store here.

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Special thanks

In our campaign we are proud to feature a selection of South Australian products, people and places we know and love. Big thanks to everyone involved. See below the incredible brands that got on board and helped us spread our important message.